Earth Day at McCord Air Force Base


Thank you for visiting our booth at McCord Air Force Base's Earth Day on April 20, 2006.  And thank you for visiting our website and reviewing our materials and information in a more sustainable means.  Feel free to print the information if you wish, or save the paper and retain the information within you in a more sustainable means!


Here at Yelm Earth Worm and Castings Farm, we use nature to help nature and Earth’s inhabitants in a sustainable fashion.  We (and others) have harnessed the earthworm to benefit from its activities and ideal living environment.  We use the Eisenia Fetida species (often referred to as the red wiggler or tiger worm) to consume organic solid waste and transform it into a rich soil amendment that has no harmful effects to the environment or its living inhabitants of the original solid waste.  Worms love a warm, moist environment with lots of food!  In this environment they thrive, consume and reproduce – and create castings.  Castings are a transformed harmful or problematic waste turned into a productive soil amendment with no harmful byproducts.


At our farm, we use dairy manure from a local dairy - that's the warm, moist and food rich environment they like.  This helps the farmer eliminate his waste with no landfill problems, no pollution of surface or ground water, and no noxious orders and in turn helps numerous home and professional gardeners and farmers with their produce or plants.  The resulting castings are rich in microbial life and some other important chemicals the worms create that are ideal for plant life.


Read a “Worm Castings - Frequently Asked Questions” document we would have handed out at our booth here.


Read the tri-fold we would have handed out at our booth that discusses the various castings and composted products we offer here.


Read more product information brochures about our Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings here and our Barefoot Soil Deluxe Potting Mix by clicking on the links in this sentence.


For those scientifically inclined, read the test results that confirm large numbers and broad diversification of species of microbiology here.


For retail locations near you, visit here.  Bulk orders are only available from The Farm in Yelm, WA.

Finally, feel free to explore our web page and learn more about vermiculture!