Organic Health & Fitness
Now, more than ever, consumers are discovering just how important the daily consumption of organic foods can be to their overall health and fitness.

With proper rest, exercise, consumption of organic foods, clean water and removal of toxic foods from one’s diet, these simple changes can have an enormous impact on overall health and quality of life.

We’ve received numerous comments from members of the organic network about the significant health benefits they’ve experienced when making simple changes to their daily activities.

Did you know the majority of meats, fruits and vegetables at virtually all supermarkets are loaded with dozens of harmful chemicals?

More often than not, you can actually taste these chemicals in the food. We’ve heard from consumers who believe that harmful chemicals never make it to the foods, that they’re all broken down in the soil – WRONG!

The next time you visit your local supermarket, select a fruit of your liking, purchase one that’s organically grown and one that’s grown through conventional farming methods.

Here are some observations you can make:

Taste the organically grown fruit and then compare it to the taste of conventionally grown fruit?

Organically grown foods taste sweet without any toxic residues you’ll actually taste in conventionally farmed foods. Not only do they taste better, but also it’s been proven through numerous scientific studies that organically grown foods have a higher nutrient value (up to 80%) than conventionally grown foods.

Look at the fruit, its density, color and skin? Most foods produced by organic grower’s require little if any synthetic fertilizers or sprays to protect them while they grow.

Did you know that virtually all conventionally grown apples are sprayed with dangerous chemicals at least 18 times during their growing period?

Don’t think for one moment that what goes into the soil and what’s sprayed on fruits and vegetables won’t end up in your body.

The skins on organically grown foods are thicker with more density and texture than conventionally grown foods.

What kind of after-taste does the fruit leave in your mouth?

Chances are organically grown foods will leave an after taste similar to what you actually tasted when you bit into the fruit or vegetable.

Whereas, with foods that’s are grown using conventional farming practices, your tongue will leach out and can actually taste the toxic residues.

Think about this for a moment and realize that if you’ve been eating conventionally grown foods all your life, your body is continually working overtime to extract toxins every time you consume foods which have traces of toxins in them.

Steps to maintaining an organic health and fitness program:

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