Worm Tea - Does it Last?

500-Gallon Compost Tea Brewing System. This compost brewing system is the latest example of breakthrough technology in Compost brewing systems.

Worm tea should be used immediately after removal from your aerobic tea brewer. The colonies of aerobic microbes will quickly consume the oxygen in the tea brew, and micro-organisms will begin to die or go to sleep. However, after adding air and nutrients, these dormant micro-organisms can come back to life.

The longer the tea remains unaerated, the greater loss of microorganisms and of diversity. The loss in numbers and diversity could be as much as 30% - 50%, but it is still useful until it goes anaerobic.

You’ll know it has gone anaerobic if the tea has a strong odor.

So don’t throw the extra tea out unless it smells!

Our newly improved Worm tea is now a best selling product. This liquid extraction derived from vermicompost, or worm castings, has been mixed with nothing more than water, then aerated and boosted with a nutrient solution. The tea is filled with billions of beneficial micro-organisms which are the workhorses of a healthy, productive soil.

There is much research that shows the benefit of worm or compost tea when sprayed on fruits, vegetables, lawns or directly on the garden soil. The results show increased production and nutrient content of vegetables and fruits, as well as disease protection and eradication. Not only are you in increasing the quality and health of your soil, but also that of your plants.

Micro-organisms are essential in nutrient uptake for plant roots and serve as protectors from plant disease. So, if you want to give your soil, plants, lawn, compost pile and even your worm beds a boost, spray worm tea as much as every 2 weeks. It works especially well together with applications of worm castings for building the productivity of your soil.

The Benefits of Using Worm Tea

• Worm Tea will out-perform chemical fertilizer. Increasing both plant size and yield. This is due to interaction of Worm Tea microbes with the soil microbes and protozoa, soil particles and the roots of the plant itself.

• Worm Tea used as an inoculant for potting soil will suppress airborne pathogenic fungi that can readily infect sterile potting medium. The organisms in Worm Tea also produce hormones, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and minerals needed by seedling cuttings and young plants. Inoculation should be done two weeks prior to planting.

• Plants grown in soil treated with Worm Tea are healthier due to the symbiotic relationship between the plant and the microbes in the root zone. Plants feed the microbes and the microbes produce or make available all of the food and medicine the plant needs to thrive.

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